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UPCOMING EVENTS!! January 29-February 19, 2017!!

Empowerment Series for Parents of Young Children (4 part series)

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Being a parent has never been easy and is always time consuming.  So, the practitioners at East Meets West center for Holistic Medicine have put together a 4 series empowerment seminar to teach you techniques for self care and caring for your child that would keep you and your baby healthier, happier, and save you time and money on doctors visits.

Series 1 Hypnosis to Manage Stress 1/29/17 @ 11AM PST


Sometimes after having a baby, when hormones are raging and sleep is rare, things can get a bit overwhelming! Adding to the stress, moms tend to put all the focus on their new baby while their own needs fall to the wayside. This workshop is here to help new moms take a few moments for self-care during their day to help keep them feeling more calm, steady, and confident when things gets stressful.  There are a few things that can be done to feel better and find a bit more peace in this exciting, but also challenging time. And who doesn’t benefit when mom can find more peace? 

Included in this workshop:

-An interactive talk given by Bianca DeGroat CHt, CMS, a clinical hypnotherapist who offers tools and tips for managing stressful moments, connecting to baby and feeling better.  

-A 30 minute group hypnotherapy session saturated with positive suggestions and empowering ideas to calm, soothe, invigorate and relax.  It is similar to a guided meditation. 

-Delicious snacks. 

Series 2 The Technique of Cupping at Home 2/5/17 @ 1PM PST

Children Cupping

Cupping is one of the oldest techniques in Traditional Chinese medicine.  It opens up skins’ pores which helps to stimulate the flow of blood. It stimulates the flow of blood, breaks up obstructions and creates an avenue for toxins to be drawn out of the body. One of very common uses is to relieve symptoms associated with cold and flu, especially cough.

Included in this workshop:

-15 minute overview of history and uses of cupping given by Polina Bowler LAc.

-Hands-on demonstration of cupping technique.

-Everyone will leave the seminar with an understanding and full capability to perform cupping on their children and/or spouse.

Series 3 Introduction of Solid Foods 2/12/17 @11am PST

This is an exciting event in a new parent’s life, but it can feel overwhelming and produce anxiety.  There are different ways to introduce solid foods!

Included in this workshop:

-This class will explore different ways to introduce solid food to your child.

-Develop lifelong positive eating habits.

-This class is recommended for parents of children 4-6 months of age, who are beginning to think about introducing solid foods.

Series 4 The Healing Touch of Massage 2/19/17 11am PST

baby massage

Learn to connect with and communicate your authentic love for your child through the healing touch of massage. This class will focus on developing very easy to use tools for parents of new-borns and infants up to one year, on how to communicate love and safety through touch to your child.

Included in this workshop:

-Overview and lecture from licensed massage therapist and dad, Devon Fitzgerald.

-Leave with an overall understanding of how to massage your new-born and infant.

-Understanding of what essential oils may/may not be suitable for young children.

   We are proud to provide acupuncture and Chinese herbs from an experienced team of practitioners of Chinese medicine. We also offer nutritional wellness, massage therapy, homeopathy, and other treatments in a spa-like setting, to help restore health, harmony, and balance to your life.  Our practice is firmly rooted in the belief that good medicine combines the best of Eastern and Western practices, with an emphasis on the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine. We strive to provide the highest quality of care adapted to the unique needs of our patients, ensuring a true well-being and holistic experience for all.

  In addition to the effective and revitalizing treatments and services housed at East Meets West, we also offer an on-site herbal pharmacy catering to the varied needs of our patients.